I am a computer programmer/analyst.  My strengths are in ANSI C, MS VC++, PICK, and Progress 8.3x & 9.1C.  I created this page so people can easily get access to programs I want to share.  Check out my resume if you are looking for a programmer.
Interesting, I get older but I still look the same in the picture (except less hair now).
Contact Info:
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PICK Files:
Progress Files:
Full Screen Editor & Utilities
Email Enhancement for MFG/Pro 9.0 (4/25/2002)
Batch Maintenace Utility for MFG/Pro 9.0 and higher (10/8/2002)
Page Hits:
Custom MFG/Pro Compile Utility (1/25/03)
Data Load Utility (1/30/03) - It loads a .d file and saves new/changed/deleted records in export files
Progress Dump/Load programs and UNIX scripts (10/25/06)
Resume Version 1
Resume Version 2
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QAD MFG/Pro Files:
Some Career Details
IMF Archive Processor (Exchange 2003)
IMF Archive Processor
IMF Companion - IMF Archive Manager
IMF Filter Manager - IMF Archive Manager
glt_desc & gltr_desc trim utilities (10/9/2006)
Archive/Delete Service Calls from History (10/9/2006)
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