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Hello there!


I am da Franzl von Jedlesee in Toronto, Canada.

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I enjoy playing online GAMES like Backgammon, Checkers, Chess and Spades. I'm also a HAM Radio Amateur. I do GENEALOGY and online RESEARCH. I use ICQ and MSN but mainly the Yahoo Messenger. Online or not, just click below and send me a message

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How do you see the question of RATIONALITY v RELIGION and what should we do?

Are you living in the REAL WORLD or have you bought into


Just Foreign Policy - Iraqi Death Estimator


I have a degree in Math and Computer Sciences from York University, enjoy TRADING financial instruments, derivatives like index futures and options on quite a variety of things. I build web sites like this one, am fluent in English, German, Russian and Italian, like to TRAVEL and love SAILING.

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