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Online strategies for discovering your family roots

Five Short Steps to More Successful Genealogy
using the GENDEX index

Here they are ...

  1. Make good use of the many resources on the net, i.e. search engines

  2. Enter your data collection into a database program which can
    1. create a family tree, and
    2. generate a GEDCOM file
    If you don't have one, get a copy of GENIUS

  3. Up load your GEDCOM file to places on the web for all to see, such as
    1. The Ancestry World Tree
      and to share with your friends and family privatly, such as
    2. MyFamily.Com

  4. Take your GEDCOM file and turn it into HTML code ready for publishing on a web page. One good program which will do that for you is GedPage

    If you have an existing genealogy web page, just make a new subdirectory and upload all the files into it. If you don't have one, the following sites will provide you with free web space and offer you even other incentives to locate your web site on their server:

    1. MyFreeOffice
    2. TerraShare
    3. BizLand
    4. Spree

  5. When all the files you created with GedPage are uploaded to your web site, you are ready to register your web page with GENDEX, a special genealogy web page indexing service for web pages created with a GENDEX compatable HTML code generator like GedPage.

Visit these sites:
A genealogy research group
Search Engines
Try these powerful search tools
Visit this family research site
Ancestry.Com & Ancestry World Tree
File Manager
A local web page edditing tool ...


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Once you have a web page, you can submit it to all the major search engines by entering the URL right here ...

URL : Email:

This will make your whole surname list easier excessable to a much larger number of serious researchers like yourself, giving you much better chances of success. Now, if you would like some assistance with any of these steps or have any questions, just post your comments to our message board or send me an email

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