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Full credits go to Kathi Reid for her Search Engines

Rootsweb Global Surname Search
Search an entire country or the entire world for your surnames. This search engine searches queries in the GenConnect System

Surname: Type of Message:
Type of search: Sort Order:
Posted in the last:

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Search for:
Exact Surname only
Surname and selected soundex equivalents
Surnames that start with given letters (must specify at least 3 letters)
Surnames using wildcard characters.
Surname and alternate spellings of surname as identified by various CCHelper sites.
Please note that not all alternate spellings of surnames have been identified.

Type of Sites to Search:

Type of Posts to select:

Posts made after (mm/dd/yy or yyyy-mm-dd):

Search sites that cover a given geographic area:

(Applies to USGenWeb, World GenWeb and some "Other sites"):

Wildcard Character Searches

Specify the surname with one or both of the following wildcard characters:
_ : any one character.
% : any number (or none) characters.

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RootsWeb Surname List
Find others researching the same surnames.
Surname (required)
Use surname;surname to see submitters researching both surnames
Location (optional)
Enter province, state or country abbreviation
Select type of search:Surname Soundex Metaphone
Soundex and Metaphone are for sounds like matches
Updated during period:Any Last Week Last Month Last Two Months

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RootsWeb's WorldConnect Project
Global Search

Search gedcom files
Surname (required)
Given Name
Birth Place Not Null
Death Place Not Null
Skip Database
Add your Gedcom to RootsWeb's WorldConnect Project.
Free unlimited Webspace.

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Family Search
Search the vast resources of the Church of the Latter Day Saints.
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Online Cemetery Records
A Burial Record Search Engine

Enter a surname to search

New Records Added Daily

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