Hi Diane and Ken,
Just wanted to drop you a line to let you both know that Henry and Margaret
are doing real well.

Henry is about 43 pounds now...and still growing.  He loves to nap and be
held, so much so that we even have "hold Henry hour"  everyday.  He is such
a lap dog and loves it!!

Margaret just had her surgery to spay her.  We thought for sure this would
curve her level of energy, but that is not the case.  She is soooooo  girlie
and has to run off the extra calories in her treats that she loves to eat.

Attached are a few pictures to show you how much they have grown.
We are hoping for some  nice weather to get outdoors more, they both like to
stay inside where it is nice and toasty.

Talk to you soon
Hello! Just wanted to update you on baby boy #2.  We finally named him Henry.  He is so sweet and loving!!  He is doing well with potty training and his crate.  He is sleeping through the night (better than my girls!! haha)  with no accidents.  Just wanted to send you some pictures on how big he's getting already. 

Thanks so much,

Zack and Anna
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