Hi Diane and Ken,

How are things in your neck of the woods?  Pretty hot down here in the Columbus area.  I just thought I would drop a few lines and let you know that in July Darcy had her one year check up and the vet said that she is in perfect health and that she is the most perfect basset she has ever seen.  I also gave her your guys information so if they have anyone looking for basset hounds they can recommend you.  Darcy is 45lbs and the vet said that is the perfect weight for her and don't want her to get over that.

In August we went out to Las Vegas to see my brother get married and we left Darcy at a kennel called Pet Palace.  They did a very amazing job with her, so that put us at ease if ever we have to go out of town again and family can not take care of her.  So if you have any clients around the Columbus area that asks about where to keep them let them know the Pet Palace if a very nice facility and has very caring people working there.  Their website is http://www.petpalaceresort.com/

Darcy is still the most wonderful pet ever.  We now have her officially out of her cage to where we can leave and there are no accidents in the house or nothing has been chewed up.  She still loves going for walks.  We have a very nice park within walking distance so we usually take her down there.  Her favorite toys are tennis balls and raw hides.  Still loves to bury her bones.  She still really loves being outside.  We are going to build a deck and get a security panel with a doggie door in it for her to just go in and out when she pleases.  Still loves everyone and every dog that comes her way.  She has to make friends wherever we go.

Well I have attached a few more recent pictures of our beautiful dog.  We love her so much and couldn't imagine life without her.  We keep checking the web page and are seriously discussing getting Darcy a friend in the next couple of years, so when we finally decide we will let you know, because there is definitely no place we will ever go for another basset.  As long as you are breeding we will always be back for a new dog when the time is right.

Well hope everyone is doing great.  Give all the dogs a pat and hello for us.


Mandy, Josh, and Darcy Lou.
Grove City, Ohio
Hi Ken and Diane,

Back in 2006, our family adopted Lola from one of your litters.  We just want you to know, she is the most wonderful addition to our family and we just love her to pieces!  Thank you so much for allowing us to bring her into our family!

The Campbell Family
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