The Voice Of Men

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The Voice Of Men


Brethren, one of the strongest and most effective instrumentalities that influence a man’s decision or choice of action is the voice of men! It is practically inevitable, though not to have voices coming in form of opinions, suggestions or comments, we must be vary careful with the sort of voices that we allow to influence us.

They come when we are about to make very vital decisions or take important steps in life. Sometimes, they influence us positively and so may be taken for God’s, provided they are in line with the scriptures – for it is not all voices that sound reasonable that are scriptural. Most of the times, they can be so discouraging and weakening that, if one is not graced by God, one may almost be distracted – and distraction is the enemy of distinction.

A great majority of Men of God and children of God have lost their calling, blessings and destinies because they have allowed the voice of the people to prevail over what God originally wants them to do or become. May be you also have been influenced at some point of your decision making, I mean, when you have considered so greatly what people would say.

The root and origin of King Saul’s [first king in Israel] fall [physically speaking] is traceable to the truth that he allowed the voice of men to influence him.

If you read through the book of 1Samuel 13:1 – 15, you’ll discover that what moved Saul to run ahead of God’s ordained order of sacrificing was the voice (opinion) of the People.

Also, in Chapter 15 of the same book, King Saul had disobeyed God’s instructions because of the people’s voice. The same thing happened when David had Killed Goliath [chapter 18]. The origin of his wanting to take the poor boy’s life was what the women were singing. He had forgotten that for David to have ‘killed his ten thousands’ as against his own ‘thousands’ was only a fulfilment of the scripture that say that “one will move a thousand and two, ten thousand.” In other words, David’s achievement would not have been easily possible without his encouragement.

Unfortunately for King Saul, the same voices that hailed him at his triumph brought him down for another. Be careful – for if the voice of men has indeed appointed you for a mission, the same will disappoint you.

It is just a matter of time.

The book of 1Kings 13:1 – 31 reveals the story of a prophet of God, sent on a mission and accomplished it tremendously. However, on his return journey home [just after the mission accomplished], he was distracted by the voice of ‘an old prophet’ [‘old’ talks about age, experience, achievements, e.t.c., of any body, every word (voice) must be tested and proven right by the word of God and the leading of God on your inside.

In conclusion, Where as the voice of men will always distract, discourage and eventually disappoint you, the voices of the Spirit of God will forever strengthen and consequently land you in an unexplainable miracle if discovered.

God bless you.


Courtesy; Bro. Gbenga Taiwo,

(Youth President 1998 – 2000)

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