Nicoletta 'Niki' Vaccar


Nicki, coming from Greek parents was raised with Greek and Turkish music from birth. In her youth she danced in Las Vegas at the Flamingo Hotel, Disneyland, Santa Barbara and Long Beach Elks Club events.

Abroad as an adult, she danced in Athens, Crete, Santorini, and Psara in Greece as well as Istanbul and Selcuk in Turkey. Twenty-five years of experience, she is now mastering world dances.

Nicki is currently performing, choreographing, directing and teaching classes or private lessons: Flamenco (Spanish), Middle Eastern (Belly Dance), Greek Folk, and Hawaiian in the San Diego North County area.

To Nicki this is not exercise, this is movement of feelings and expression. Feminity or masculinity, hope, faith, love, loss, happiness or anger. Come dance to one of the oldest forms of communication to music.

Instructional Classes & Schedule

Middle Eastern Belly Dance

Gypsy/Classical Flamenco Dance

Fun Items For Belly Dancers

The Art Of Seduction

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For more information please contact Niki below
(760) 634-3680

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