The Art Of Seduction

Although most typical of Islamic North Africa, Belly Dance Music is representative of the entire Moslem world. It has its origin in the folk songs of roving Bedouin tribes, and in the music of the early camel-herders, with their faint pipes and primitive instruments. The Arab conquest of North Africa and the assimilation of the savage Berber tribes introduced the wild polyrhythmic drumbest rhythm. The oriental influence stems from the transmigration of culture brought about by the great caravan routes to China and India. The development of music amongst the Arabs reached its height in the luxury of the tenth centurey, the golden age of Moslem culture.

The belly dance expresses the emotion of love, sometimes gay, sometimes sad; then the chorus joins in, singing accompaniment while the dance is taking place. It is a credit to the talent and beauty of the belly dancing girls that Arab songs generally have many choruses.


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