Ok so when I was a newbie raver I had no clue what I was doing or how to act, I didn't even know the secret of the vick's vaporub!!! I know its soooo pathetic! So anywhoo I created this page to give others a lil insight into the world of P.L.U.R and candygoodness! Have fun and keep on glowin! ^_^
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Well peeps, its approaching Halloween '05 so its time to dust off those glowsticks, paint yourself up and get ready for a party because Nett's back on the scene. Oh yeah baby!                           
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So unfortunately I had to quit raving for a while but no worries, I'm back now and looking forward to seeing you all at The Haunting for our Halloween festivities. I see the scene has purified itself once again but no longer remembers what PLUR means...this will be fixed by all those devoted to the Order of the Candykid. Anyways, I can't wait to see you all once more so look for me at the rave and come give me a big hug!
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