I have it on good authority (the producers) that there will be a 6th season of UH-OH.  Be sure to check out the Season 6 changes for an internet news exclusive!!

Unfortunately, I no longer have enough time to continue updating this site.  No further updates will be done.  I will still gladly answer your emails.

What do you say after you create a web-page honoring a fabulous Canadian kids game show?
Welcome to a page dedicated to one of the best game shows for kids since Nickelodeon's Double Dare...YTVs UH OH!

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What *is* UH OH!?

UH OH! is a made-for-kids game show that airs on YTV (Youth TeleVision) in Canada.  Three teams of two kids compete in 3 "rounds".  The first and third involve the kids spinning a wheel and doing what ever it lands on.  The middle round is a game where a crew goes on location, has local kids compete in an obstacle course.  To get more details about each round...check out the grid above.

Prizes?  Well...it is Canadian and it is for kids.  That said the prizes aren't too bad.  Winners get stuff like snowboards, digital cameras, CD burner packs, etc...pretty much a $500 prize.  Runner-ups usually get a Panasonic Shockwave cassette player, Lexmark printer, etc...about $250.  2nd runner-ups get a hockey jersey or clothing of some sort worth around $100.  Everyone in the studio audience gets Hubba-Bubba gum, some get a Bop-It game and some get Wonka candy products.
This could be, arguably, the best kids game show ever made.  It does involve many ideas from other shows but it is very well put-together.  Currently in it's 5th season, it looks as though this show might be around for a while!

UH OH! currently airs Monday to Friday on YTV.

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