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Merry Meet Dear Hearts, and Welcome To My

Book Of Shaddows

Allow me to introduce myself (for
those of you that havenít already seen my web pages).  I am Necie (pronounced nee-see).  I am a solitary witch, in Western, North Carolina, and this is the start of my Book of Shadows.   What?  It doesnít look like a BOS? Oh, I suppose you think that BOS web pages should be dark, with Skulls, and cauldrons, and the like, Well no wonder so many people think us witches are dark and satanic (donít get me started hereÖ thatís for another web pageÖLOL), Well Iíll leave all of the dark dreary pages for other projects.  While youíre here, I want you to feel warm and welcomed, and right at home.  Feel free to copy and use any of the spells, or recipes, and if you see any graphics that you like, just right click on them, and save them to your own hard drive, or disc.  Now get comfy, and be prepared to enter my site.

Merry Meet and Merry part
Until we merry meet again
Friend, click on the majick globe to enter my Book Of Shaddows
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