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APRIL 2000
By Pablo Islas
Bon Jovi is back. One of the most popular bands of the world presents/displays his more recent production, Crush, with which surely they will be of tour once again in Latin America. From New York, the drummer Tico Torres speaks for “El Foco” and reveals his facet to us like painter...

What you had made between the previous album of Bon Jovi and this production called "Crush"?
I dedicated myself to paint and in these last two years I have opened two galleries of art. I have taken my paintings to several exhibitions in the world.

Why you took that much to make a new album?
Much people think that it was long time, but were in fact only two years. We all have dedicated ourselves to other projects, solo disc, acting performance and we dedicated ourselves to have children, some of the members of the band have babies.

How is "Crush" going to sound?
It is something more of Bon Jovi and is done not only for fans of Bon Jovi, since it contains some surprises.

Do you have plans to come to Latin America with this new album? At this moment already tour is being armed and of course that is a scale forced for us, we passed it very well.

How much important is Internet for you?
Internet is very important because it is possible to get trough  much people who have not even television by cable. A telephone line is easier than having a connection with a satellite. It is part of the future.

the musical scene has changed to much, is much electronic music. Do you have some opinion on the matter?
As in everything it has good pop, there is good techno, but there is much people to whom it likes the traditional rock, is why there are so many stations of rock and the call classic rock in the United States, and that continues growing. I believe that it is a pain that the computer is killing the creativity of the musicians instead of helping it.

You have stayed a long time in the music, how have you obtained it?
I believe that it is because we enjoyed what we do and we are very happy. With this new disc we realized together that we were missing to make music and to make concerts.

You said that you are painter, tell us about it...
I am impresionist, all my influence comes from the great teachers and receipt influences every day.

Are you going to use someday your paintings in the art of a disc?
The opportunity has never occurred.

What are you listen to at the moment?
I buy many CDs, the most recent is one of Juan Formell y los Van Van. I want to say to our fans that we miss you all and keep smiling. I hope you like the disc.
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