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Slainte! Merry Meet and Bright Blessings to all who enter! Pull up a chair and make yourself at home within my realm...

Yes, I have renamed my site as I have a daughter who is now two, to whom I gave my magical name, Rowan. Therefore I feel it is no longer appropriate to call this space "Rowan's Realm" as Rowan is no longer my magical name! Maybe I will rename it again if and when I ever discover a new magical name. It is my goal to share my beliefs, hobbies, life, art and other fun stuff here. Let me start by saying that I consider myself a Celtic Pagan, a Druid specifically. I do occassionally use magic but believe that real magic comes from changing oneself from within.

I was recently a member of Ár nDraiocht Féin - better known as ADF and have also affiliated with Keltoi Tribe. I am currently a Sister in the Sisterhood of Avalon, a beautiful women's tradition. My husband and I are working on eventually forming our own grove, but that may be many years coming. I am planning on joining seminary and becoming an ordainded Priestess (or Druidess if you will) as my husband is already ordained. Happy reading and Love and Light to you all. Please feel free to check out my links! And please remember that as of right now this is still a work in progress... I do plan on adding chants, meditations and some excerpts from my book of shadows...


I am the Wind on the Sea; I am the Wave of the Sea

Celtic Gods and Goddesses

I am the Bull of Seven Battles; I am the Eagle on the Rock;

My Book of Shadows

I am the Flash from the Sun; I am the most Beautiful of Plants;

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I am a Strong, Wild Boar; I am a Salmon in the Water;

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I am a Lake in the Plain; I am the Word of Knowledge;

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I am the Head of the Spear in Battle; I am the God who puts Fire In The Head!


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