Huge list of themes (I believe this was originally compiled by Connie)
She went through the site and collected all the ideas posted at Patti

Welcome to Bunco – this is great for the first gathering of your bunco group. Make a computer banner (i.e. Welcome OKC Dice Girls), sugar cookies cut in squares then baked and decorated with M&M’s as "dice dots", Dice cheese ball (see recipe), dice name tags so everyone can get to know each other. If you choose to serve wine, cover a boxed wine in construction paper (or freezer paper), leave the spout uncovered, and add black dots to make it look like dice.
Anniversary/Birthday Bunco – great for the anniversary of your team! Have a birthday cake decorated with dice and your team’s name. Give away small anniversary presents to everyone. Instead of cash, give away wrapped presents. Toss a birthday hat instead of the bunco bear. Hang a Happy Anniversary banner. Give away goodie bags.

Café Bunco – coffee, lattes, mochas and coffee cake or biscotti are served. Coffeehouse music in the background (blues or jazz).
PJ party - order pizza, wear PJs, no make up.  Or during your actual bunco game you could place a can full of rollers on each table. Each time a person gets three of a kind they get a roller and need to put it in their hair. At the end of the night the person with the most rollers wins a prize (and you must take a picture of that person!)
Hollywood (Oscars) – fancy hor dourves. Or if you don’t want to be too fancy, why not serve things they serve at the movies? Popcorn (with extra butter), hot dogs, nachos, jumbo cokes, Jr. mints, milk duds, etc.
Take Me Out to the Ballgame – serve peanuts, popcorn, crackerjack, hot dogs. Have everyone wear a baseball cap or their favorite team’s T-shirt.
Mixed-Up Holiday Bunco – Decorate with spooky spiderwebs and skeletons, Christmas wreaths, mistletoe, American flags, balloons, or any holiday decorations you have! Serve Christmas cookies, turkey, mashed potatoes, hard boiled Easter eggs, Halloween candy, or whatever else you can think of that you eat on holidays around the year! Play music like Christmas tunes, spooky sounds, patriotic music, love songs, etc.
Oreo Bunco – Win free Buncos for answering Oreo trivia (, winner and loser go head-to-head in a Oreo staking contest.
Survivor Bunco - As guests entered they are given brown bags - in each bag: score sheets, pencils, candy bar, and bandanna (either blue or green) - creating the tribes. Have 3 reward challenges. First the "wonka" - use two different candy bar wraps - specific bars were winners of a prize, second is the trivia challenge. One by one questions are asked and the team who wins are rewarded with prizes. The third challenge is a gummy worm eating contest - the team who wins this received a prize. Decorate with "Bunco survivor logos", torches lit outside, crocs all in the house, glass jars full of plastic snakes/and floating candles.
Hawaiian Luau - food theme will be "exotic" (ham and pineapple kabobs maybe). Goldfish crackers, beach towels hung on the wall, pink flamingos, sea shells, yellow, pink, and blue streamers. Each person will get a Hawaiian lei. Instead of the bunco bear, how about tossing a little stuff animal pig? A fun game - get a yellow lei and placed it on someone. The person with the lei was not allowed to say "NO" (or know) during the games. If they were caught, the person who caught them would inherit the lei and would have to try and not say "NO". The person left holding it at the end won a prize. Winners have to do a hula dance. Prize ideas: a pineapple, a wild Hawaiian shirt, a real goldfish in a fish bowl with fish food, grass skirt, drink coolers or thermal glasses, a beach blanket, picnic basket, frisbee/kite/volleyball or other outdoor game. Suntan lotion, bug spray, beach bag, towel, sunglasses, flip flops or any type of floating raft or water toy. For dessert, pineapple upside down cake or an ice cream sundae bar (where you supply the fixins and everyone makes their own)
Winter Warm-Up – Serve lots of different soups and breads. Serve in small bowls so everyone can sample all the soups.
Mardi Gras – have lots of beads on hand for everyone to wear, serve O’Brien’s Hurricane’s (with or without alcohol), go all out with paper masks for everyone to wear. You could buy a bunch of bead necklaces in Mardi Gras colors (gold, purple, and green). Everyone starts with the same number of beads and then every time you roll 3 of a kind, you get to steal a string of beads from somebody at your table.
Bar-B-Q Bunco - BBQ'ed anything, baked beans, apple pie and lemonade. Bandannas, jeans, and a western hat. Prize ideas: coupon to a Bar-BQ at your house, Bar-BQ tools, gourmet Bar-BQ sauce, or gift certificate to your favorite Bar-B-Q restaurant.
Bunco Brunch - Brunch on a Saturday morning.
MEXICAN OR ITALIAN NIGHT – Serve dinner, of course. Margaritas are a must! Give piñatas away as prizes. Maybe hide a special prize inside one of them. Winners have to do a Mexican hat dance.
"SOUPERBOWL" BUNCO - Everyone wore jerseys, ate lots of soup and bread desserts. We had 5 little football shaped picture frames from a dollar store with pictures from past Buncos in them and (5) 1 dollar bills. These were placed on a table and when you rolled a small straight (3 consecutive numbers) you would yell out "touchdown" and you got to go and pick either the frame or a buck. When they were all gone from the table, you could steal them from another player.
50’S THEME – serve sodas just like the soda jerks used to make (club soda and flavored syrups like they use in coffee shops), or serve the greasiest cheeseburgers with the saltiest fries and the thickest milkshakes that you can create. Coca-Cola is an acceptable substitute for a milkshake, as is a malted or a chocolate phosphate. Don't forget root-beer floats. If you divert from the drive-in fare, go for the at-home cuisine, namely TV dinners. Pigs in a blanket, Ritz crackers, Velveeta, Bosco, Ovaltine, mashed potatoes and meatloaf. You can see where this is going. How about a hula hoop contest for a free bunco? Prize ideas: hula hoop, Mr. Potato Head keychain, small plastic bubblegum dispenser, or fuzzy dice.
PMS (PAMPER ME SILLY) - This is your chance to complain about men, eat whipped cream right out of the can, dress in mismatched sweats with your hair in a bun (and no makeup), and eat as many chocolate pretzels as you can stuff into your mouth. If you want to send your invitation by mail, write it like a ransom note. Use ripped letters from magazines then color copy them.
MYSTERY DINNER (OCTOBER)- change all the names of what was being served for dinner (for instances: Monster Mash was the Pork Loin).
LET IT SNOW! – Decorate with paper snowflakes, make gingerbread cookies in the shape of snowmen and decorate (or let your guests decorate),
70’s – Decorate with smiley faces, hang a beaded curtain at the front door, lava lamps. Have guests wear their bell-bottom pants, polyester leisure suits, big gold chains, polyester wrap dresses, red gloss lipstick, and mood rings. Serve fondue. Play Who Am I? - Write the names of 12 famous people from the 70’s on index cards, and tape one card to the back of each guest. Have everyone walk around the room, and instruct them not to mention the names on their backs, but to talk to everyone as if they are the people whose names are on their cards. As people begin to correctly guess their identities, they have to continue to treat the people who still don't know their identities like the stars whose names are taped to their backs. When everyone guesses the names on their backs correctly the game is over and Bunco can begin.
WHO WANTS TO BE A MILLIONAIRE? - $100,000 candy bars or Pay Day candy bars, Lifeline fondue, Million Dollar dip, 50/50 cake (double layer cake), play money and confetti on the tables. Ask questions (millionaire style) about each person there. Give a little prize to those who answer correctly.
PUT ON A HAPPY FACE – decorate with yellow smiley faces, serve smiley face cookies, tableclothes should be yellow, smiley face keychains, yellow punch. Also, look in the kids party section – there are always smiley face toys or stickers.
GARDEN PARTY – everyone wears pastel colors and a hat.
BEACH BLANKET BUNCO – Start by asking your guests to dress for the beach or as a tourist. Subject to interpretation, you could see some pretty comical sights (don’t miss this picture-taking opportunity!) For table decorations, use small sand buckets filled with "shreddz" (colorful paper shredded into thin strips) or tissue, then fill with breadsticks or candy and treats. How about using plastic sand molds as candy dishes? Try serving mini sub sandwiches, Fruit salsa, churros (found in your grocer’s freezer or for the more adventurous, homemade!). Depending on the sense of humor of those in your group, you can serve "S*x on the Beach," a tasty, fruity drink, alcohol optional. Don’t forget to play some Beach Boys music – at break-time, have everybody do the Swim!
BLUE JEANS - Come dressed in anything denim and serve barbecue beans, beef, potato salad and slaw.
ONCE IN A BLUE MOON (BUNCO BLUES) – everyone wears blue, blue food (blue chips, blueberry dessert, blue punch, blueberry Jell-O, blue corn bread, blue cheese turnovers, etc.). Music: Blues, songs with the word "blue" in the title.
BUNCO FOR BREAST CANCER – Hundreds of bunco groups are taking one month a year and donating all prize money to breast cancer research. Another fun idea is every month the hostess can purchase one raffle prize and we would attempt to win this prize by putting in one dollar for every "chance". All monies collected from this raffle will go to breast cancer research. What a great way to get involved in the fight! For more information – www.Buncoforbreastcancer. com
OUTDOOR BUNCO – Beach Boys music, play bunco outside, beach stuff, fruity drinks.
BUNCO WILD – On each table, cover up the "one" on only one dice with a little sticker. This dice is now WILD! Example: If you roll 2 fives and the wild dice, it counts as a 5.
MOTHER/DAUGHTER BUNCO - Great idea for the month of May. With a regular BUNCO group of 12, that meant 24 players total. We each brought our daughter or mother and those w/out were "given" daughters by those who had more or their daughter had a friend. So everyone started off with a "daughter" partner. It was a BIG success! It gave each of us an opportunity to laugh and cut-up w/everyone's daughter. It gave the daughter a new perspective of her mother...moms aren't always cooking, cleaning and telling everyone what to do! The host home obviously had to be someone that had a big enough house, so that was do-able. Another option is to rent a clubhouse or if someone has access to a large meeting room. We all brought snacks/munchies and the co-host & host provided the traveling prizes & beverages only. We had separate traveling prizes for the daughters "dice" thumbed and they even had their own BUNCO ante so that they could win $$ too! Another idea is a Mother/Son Bunco Night in November.

If you bring or wear something that goes along with the theme for the night, win a free Bunco.
Ask a trivia question about a member of the team. The first person to guess who it is, wins a free Bunco.

Make a really big, gaudy necklace as the BUNCO necklace made out of painted blocks of wood with dots. It gets passed around when someone gets a bunco.  Make the traveling prize a crown. Last one wearing crown wins the traveling cash.

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