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Sunday, May 27th at Queensland Raceway Circuit, Willowabank near Ipswich will see High Performance Muscle Cars from 1965 to 1975 on display and racing.

Paul McCamley of the all ford club is organising and co-ordinating with selected car clubs and public for static displays, show and shine and 3 levels of racing.
Racing will be:
1)Racing against the clock- computer print out for 10 lap sessions.
2)Racing against other Muscle Cars in a sprint format.
3)Racing in a “Best of the Best” Competition to find Queenslands toughest Muscle car.

Track is Short circuit "B" 2.11 km in length

If you want to keep you muscle car wrapped in cotton wool, in a perspex box in the rumpus room, thats fine. But if you want to enjoy it the way it was designed to be used, drive it around the track as fast or as slow as you want under controlled conditions.

At all times the format will be super safe for collectable cars.

Big grid separation, small grid numbers NO passing- except on the main straight in front of the crowd, no Armco, no oncoming traffic, no Volvo drivers, no speed cameras , no speed limits.

This is the perfect opportunity to blow the cob webs out of that high HP motor!

Trophies will be awarded for toughest Mustang, toughest Cobra, toughest Falcon GT toughest Ford, toughest XU-1, toughest Torana toughest Monaro, toughest GM toughest Corvette, toughest Mopar, toughest Charger, Most spectacular Driver and
“Best of the Best- QLDs TOP MUSCLE CAR-2001”

Trophies will also be awarded for Top show Muscle car in each category.

There will also be a show for the "REST". from Hot Rods to HSVs

Gate Entry is $10-00 per person (kids under 12 free)

Racing will be $50-00 for the first 10 laps and $30-00 per 10 laps after that.
($5 per lap to bend those needles is pretty good value)

A CAMS level 2 licence will be available on the day. Basic scrutineering, helmet(approved type), gloves, neck to wrist to feet non flammable clothing and suitable footwear required.
Absolutely no alcohol in the pits
Cars must be registered or BE ABLE to be registered.
The show and shine will begin at 8am

The Grand Parade around the track at 10am
Racing will commence at 10-30am
A second Grand Parade at 12-30
Racing re-commence at 1pm
Music will be 1965-1975 only

It doesn’t get any better than this!

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