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Have you always wanted to know how to save 45%, 75%, 90% or receive a grocery item completely FREE?

Well this is why I've started this website to help you find all of those great buys and stretch your grocery buck. How you ask? Double coupons and great sales. You will learn some of the tricks of the trade so that you too can receive unbelieveable savings. You could clip those coupons from Sundays paper and match them with your store that honors double coupons and save money, but my site is going to take it a little further. So read on.


Well I live in Southern California and Vons and Ralphs are the main markets that will double coupons although Vons has changed their policy to allow only one coupon per item so we will concentrate on Ralphs. I hope you enjoy your visit and come back as these pages will be updated and improved .

RALPHS always under updated September 15, 2003







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