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MochidaZE Profile

Name: Mochida
Age: 23
Location: SoCal
Occupation: Grad Student
Major: International Business
Guitar Skills: about 10 years and
counting....but I still suck
Other Hobbies: drums,
riding my motorcycle, baseball,
basketball, soccer, volleyball
Fave JRock Groups:
Sex Machine Guns, Luna Sea,
Siam Shade, Loudness, Due le Quartz,
Vasara, X, Penicillin, Janne Da Arc,
Fave guitarist: J Petrucci (Dream Theatre)
and Daita (Siam Shade)

- UP!Guitar Tablature: I transcribe a lot of J-Rock songs
(especially the older ones) because I dig J-Rock music.
I first started this page cuz no one had a jrock tab site
but now I see lotz! awesome...I had a little help from friends
and I am confident that these transcriptions are pretty
accurate...well I hope you enjoy!

MIDI: I used to be able to seqence these MIDI files but
I haven't done for so long. Maybe I will update this page over
the summer.

Guitars: coming soon...maybe this summer

Links: Official Band Sites, more tab sites, and other cool stuff....

- - -

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