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US cititens no longer have to pay for permits to import animal insulins, but are still required get the import permits.

Canadians can now obtain Pork Neutral (Regular) and Isophane (NPH) insulin at their pharmacies. 

These pages are dedicated to the return of beef insulins to the United States and Canada and to help those who need them now, to import from a foreign source.
Please sign our petitions to restore beef insulin to the US, Canada, Germany and the Netherlands.
United States at:
We the undersigned do hereby petition the United States Senate and the United States Congress to initiate enabling legislation to immediately restore beef insulin to the United States by domestic or foreign manufacturers.
We, the undersigned, want easy access to Banting and Best insulin (from animals) for all diabetics throughout the world, IN particular children.
* Adverse reactions to human insulin collected by the IDDT-UK:
*41% loss of warnings of hypos or I seem to function on automatic pilot
*34% extreme tiredness or lethargy
*32% weight increase of 1.5 stones or more
*28% feeling unwell all the time
*24% depression including referrals to psychologists/being prescribed anti-depressants
*24% memory loss/confusion
*9% sleeping all the time
*9% blood glucose levels dip/peak wildly
*8% not the same person
*7% pains, especially in the leg
*5% mood changes-difficult to live with
*4% late/irregular periods
*Other information collected:
*24% said that their doctor was unwilling or reluctant to change their insulin to natural animal insulin
*8% wanted more information
*3% said their doctor did not listen, it's all in the mind
*Of equal concern, they frequently received the following comments:
*I didn't know there was such a thing as animal insulin.
*I was never told there were alternatives.
*I didn't realise human insulin was not derived from human beings.
CP  Pharmaceuticals
Manufacturer of Beef and Pork Insulins
Netherlands at:
Ja, ik vindt ook dat mensen men een allergie voor humane insuline de kans moeten krijgen om aan dierlijke insuline geholpen te worden.  Dat de dokters die probleem zouden moeten herkennen en dat deze dierlijke insuline zou moeten worden terugbetaald.
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GM Injection
Report ALL adverse insulin reactions!!!
See how and where to report. 
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Human vs. Animal Insulin
Update # 2 - Meeting with House of Commons/ Standing Committee on Health
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Jan. 3, 2007
NEWS !!!  The Society for Diabetic Rights gave their presentation February 3, 2003, to the House of Commons Standing Committee on Health. The links to the three newest pages are below in the index.  We are very pleased with the outcome of that meeting.  More information will be coming soon, so check back for more information.  Full transcripts now available ...
Society for Diabetic Rights presentation to the House of Commons Standing Committee
The End of Another Tool for the Treatment of Diabetes Page #2
Editorials and Open Letters
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Update - February 19, 2003 Good News!
Letter from Health Canada to
Society for Diabetic Rights
Letter from Health Canada to Society for Diabetic Rights-February 19, 2003
Did Eli Lilly Co. discontinue pork insulin production?Click here to learn more......
A Canadian mothers plea to the
House of Commons/Standing Committee on Health
Page # 9
Page # 10
Page # 10- Eli Lilly Admits some diabetics can't use "Human" insulin and then announces the discontinuation on pork Lente insulin.
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Page #  11-Report from the Standing
Committee on Health

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Report from the Standing Committee on Health
Es ist vor dem Hintergrund einer verantwortungsvollen Gesundheitspolitik in keiner Weise nachvollziehbar, warum tierisches Insulin vom Markt genommen wird, obwohl es medizinisch zweifelsfrei einen wichtigen Beitrag zur optimalen Versorgung einer nicht geringen Anzahl von Diabetikern leistet und von dem seit Jahren bekannt ist, daß ein Teil der Betroffenen mit ihm besser zurecht kommt als mit allen anderen verfügbaren Alternativen. Es ist daher zwingend notwendig, ein Gesetz zu verabschieden, das die Verfügbarkeit der tierischen Insulinarten absichert oder sie für die pharmazeutische Industrie wieder interessant macht. Tierisches Insulin muß wieder uneingeschränkt verfügbar sein!
Germany at:
Canada at:
New Article out of India---Why we need beef insulin!
"Bovine Porcine and Human Insulin. A present day comparitive appraisal and policy discussion."
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You can now see if your medications have had any adverse drug reports online in Canada, thanks to CBC-TV, a national Canadian TV network at:
                                             Important NEW Article
The Council on Resposible Genetics
by Megan Romano_______________________________________

The Council for Responsible genetics fosters public debate about the social, ethical and environmental implications of genetice technologies, Founded in 1983, CRG is a non-profit, non-governmental organization based in Cambridge, Massachusetts.  CRG works through the media and concerned citizens to distribute accurate information and represent public interest on emerging issues in biotechnology.  CRG also publishes a bimonthly magizine, GeneWatch, the only publication of its kind in the nation.  In Nov-Dec 2003 the publication "GeneWatch" published an importan article on the issues of human vs. animal insulin.  It is worth reading and also to note that Dave Groves , is listed in the bibliography, for his work on Humulin Insulin Production!  The article is called "A Significant Minority" and tells the story of the need for animal insulin, and the lack of proof that any of the biosynthetic human insulin is in any way better than the beef and pork derived insulins.  It stresses that human insulin is  a commercial success, but NOT a medical success, especially for those that suffer from unpredictable, and/or Asymptomatic hypoglycemia and/or unawareness!

Summary by Claudia French

Please also read the important comments by the published medical writer, Lynne Born.
Of  importance for Canadians:
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