Lilly Iletin II pork insulin is available in Canada in Regular (R), NPH (N), and Lente (L) at about $25 a vial.  Insulin is an over-the-counter (OTC) product in Canada. NO prescription is necessary to order.
Pork Insulin Availability-Canada
At present we don't have any further information for you.  Only that pork insulin is available in Canada.  I don't know to what degree of difficulty there is in obtaining it. Any information would be greatly appreciated.  If you are having difficulty finding pork insulin, let us know.  We may be able to help you.  If you have any comments regarding pork insulin, please send us an email and we will post it here.
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Did Eli Lilly Company Discontinue Pork Insulin ?????
On April 23, 2003 Eli Lilly Company announced the discontinuation of Iletin II pork Lente insuliln. Production will cease in May of 2003.  According to Elil Lilly supplies should last until the end of 2003.  Lilly also says they have no plans to discontinue the remaining Regular and NPH insulin. Where have we heard this before?
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