My Approach to Therapy

1. Therapy provides the time and environment in which you can safely and securely discuss, discover, and evaluate what you want or need to change in your situation. 
2. I tend to be an active, empathic listener, focusing my attention on what you say.
I do not judge. I view judging as unethical and as an impediment to the therapeutic process.  Simply put, that is not my job.  I ask questions to clarify my understanding.
3. I offer homework assignments to emphasize what we discuss during the appointments and to facilitate your change process. 
4. The real work of therapy occurs between appointments, as you work through your reactions to what was discussed and as you begin to create the changes that you desire. 
5. I strive to help you implement the changes you desire in the most efficient and effective way. I do not try to drag out treatment beyond the time you need to ensure that the changes you desire are firmly rooted. 
6. You have the right to terminate treatment at any time. 
7. I make psychiatric referrals if the consideration of medication seems appropriate.

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