Basic Pekingese Pet Care
The opinions stated here are from personal experience and are not a substitute for the advice of your vet.
Flea/Tick Control

1.  Since Pekingese dogs have a lot of hair, you may want to use a
     product like Advantage to keep the fleas away.  Advantage is available
     through your vet.

     Pros:  Keeps fleas away from one month.
     Cons: You cannot give your dog a bath because even oatmeal
              shampoo will rinse away the Advantage from the dog's skin.

2.  Another option is a product called Frontline, also available from your vet.

     Pros:  Keeps fleas away for three months, ticks for 1 month.
     Cons: The fleas and ticks have to bite your dog in order to die,
              unlike Advantage which acts as a repellant.

Ear Cleaning

1.  Carefully clean the ears with a Q-tip, and see if there is excess dirt. 
     A dark brown residue may mean an ear infection, so take your dog
     to your vet ASAP to get checked.

2.  Place a generous amount of EPI-OTIC (available through your
     vet) inside each ear, and massage the ear. 

3.  Use a cotton swab to remove any excess EPI-OTIC from the ears.

Hair Brushing

1.  First, use a large brush with stainless steel pins and comfort tips
     to untangle the hair.

2.  Cut any tangles, especially behind the ears.

3.  Use a rake brush to take out excess hair.


1.  Brush the hair (see Hair Brushing section).

2.  Before starting to bathe your dog, cover the ears with cotton
     balls.  Pekingese are very prone to ear infections.

3.  Use a conditioning shampoo to keep your dog's hair silky.  Great
     hair starts on the inside, so make sure that you buy premium dog
     food for best results.

4.  Blow dry hair as you brush it again.

Now your dog is ready to show off in a stroll around town!
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