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March 4 - 2001
As you can see I've been very busy trying to get a new web site up and running. Do you like the new set up? I sure hope you do, because my co-webmaster, Jeremy, is working hard for this site to look it's very best. He's the one who suggested that I make a few changes in layout to give it a more "professional" look. He was right and now it looks great. Better then ever I might add.

This site should be faster on the loading time with the images. I don't have much right now but this is how it all began. My site slowly coming into what it should be when it's all done. I just have to make content for the pages.

Right now, this site just has the essentials, but in time it will become a lot more active with things you can download. (That will come later unfortunately.)

I now have some images in the main gallery. I might be putting details of how I did them beside the thumbnail in the near future. I'll sketch some more pictures and things for the site so it's worth your stay and have you coming back. Yeah, that's right, you heard right! I want you to come back. So, if it's not too much to ask, can you save this in your favorites? That would be great.

I was thinking of putting a "How to Learn Anime Japanese" up in the "How To" but I'm not too totally sure. Give me some feedback in an e-mail or in the guest book and tell me what you think.

I've been making comic books for my boss lately and that's why there's not too much but remember even the other web sites started the same way.

Well, I'll be making more content for the site as soon as I can. High school is taking too much of my spare time along with me making comic book and CG coloring.

That's all for now. Thanks for coming!
~Kimberly Fraser (Founder of MK Press)

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