Met a brother, "James", with beautiful locks. As a result of our conversation I decided to put together a directory of local loctitians and photo gala of Clevelanders lovin' and lockin'.

Local Loctitians

Urban Lox, Azaliah Izrael (216) 321-4745

Majeedah, E-mail (216) 921-5410

Basheba, (216) 269-9674 or 648-6736

John Taylor @ Argentina's, 12617 Larchmere, (216) 231-1964

Argentina, Argentina's, 12617 Larchmere, (216) 231-1964

Arlene, Happy I'm Nappy Salon - Jamaica Mall, Akron, Ohio, (330)864-9223

About 4" Long {Spring, 2001}

About 6"-7" Long {Fall, 2001}

Ohio Locks

Johari's Locks and Braids, 6696 Chatsworth Court, Columbus, Ohio 43068, 614-866-6666

Dana Hagan, D'locs, Serving Columbus and Cleveland area, 614-374-6642

Pat Hunley, Sisterlock / Brotherlock Specialist, Diva D'zigns - Greater Cincinnati Area - 1-877-376-3510

web: Diva Dzigns

E-mail me if you know of any other local products and services that should be listed.

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