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Protecting the childern protects the future.
The Nappin Project:Apprehended native children,taken away from their families and placed in foster homes and adopted outside their culture,unknowingly losing their heritage and birthrite.The system failed to defend the rights of the child and did not act in the best interest where certain information was not released,causing instability and dysfunction within the adoptive family,and emotiomal trauma to the child if he\she suffered from alcohol or substance abuse in the womb.This Web-site is for those survivors that are still standing.Please share your stories and know that we are not what the system created but what the Creator and Mother Earth intented us to be...Spiritual Warriors.We are beautiful people,keeper's of the earth...we emdrace our culture and heritage,we keep our ways sacred and we do all this so we can pass our wisdom and knowledge to our childern so that they may keep the old ways alive.This is why we need to protect our childern and tell our stories so our native brothers and sisters across the Nations will listen."The Nappin Project", relates to my story as I was one-mth. old when they took me away from my mother and garenteed,being a baby,I was nappin.It also relates to many other childern out there as well. I hope you join me in giving insight to others who can relate with this web-site,thank-you and take care.

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