Both John and I are ex Military Working Dog Specialist from the Royal Australian Air Force. This is where the majority of our experience has been gained.

John joined the RAAF in October 1973 as what was then called the Security Guard mustering. This required you to patrol military establishments with a trained Police Dog as security against all sorts of threats. John had many and varied positions within the role of the Security Guard (later renamed as "Police Dog Handler" mustering, again later renamed as the "Military Working Dog Specialists" mustering). John's last position and the most favoured he held was as the Flight Sergeant In Charge of the Police Dog Training School at the RAAF Amberley, Queensland. This was his most treasured role and has missed the role ever since he resigned from the RAAF in 1996. John has a natural ability to "read" a dog and enjoys watching dog's communicate with each other. During his time in the RAAF John has trained dog's for protection, crowd control, drugs and was the instigator of the current policy within the RAAF whereby dog's are being brought from breeders directly.

John is also responsible for the German Shepherd Dog Club of Qld's obedience instructors course. He held the position of Obedience Co-Ordinator for the German Shepherd Dog Club of Qld Inc, Obedience Training Co-Ordinator for Dog Obedience Trainers Association (DOTA). John is a qualified lecturer and has given many lectures to clubs and organization within the dog world as well consulting to organizations in relation to the use of dogs, risk management and security analysis's.


I joined the RAAF in November 1985 as the second female to enlist in the Security Guard mustering. During my time in the RAAF I had many varied experiences and would join again tomorrow if I were young enough to enjoy the experiences all over again. I joined the RAAF as a promise that I had given my father and at the time did not realize that I was starting something that would grow to a point where I had a great deal of passion for the job and the dogs that were involved in my job. If there is one thing that I regret not doing during my time in the RAAF it would be not becoming more involved in the training of the newly recruited dogs. I truly love the process of assessing a dogs ability, then embarking on the training regime to a point where the dog is fit to be placed on a training course suitable to the dog's current level of ability.

I have been an active member of the German Shepherd Dog Club of Qld since joining in 1992 and during this period have held many varied positions on the committee of the GSDCQ Inc. throughout this time.

We began officially breeding in 1992 with a first registered German Shepherd litter. Our foundation bitch was "Pringeuri Nadia 'A'"(Ned as we called her). Ned produced our first girl called "Loujoma Akea 'A'" whom we successfully breed surveyed for a Class I. Unfortunately Kea died as a result of complications from a bloat operation in September 2000. Today I sadly miss my shadow and best friend but take comfort from the fact that she is nearby and watches over us everyday. Ned second and last litter produced a stunning male puppy from Vasall vom Kirschental 'a'Imp GMY whom we named Captain. Now Captain was special and unfortunately his life in the show ring was short lived but does enjoy the fruits of farm living. Unfortunately Ned also died in the year 2000 very shortly after her daughter Kea


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