We have a lovely litter of puppies with 1 glamour coat female available , that were born 1/1/2003 are still for sale. The details of the sire and dam are listed below, we also thought that it fitting to share some moments with our babies, at 5 weeks of age:

They are very outgoing and inquistive

Lovely moving and full of fun

They are great mates (seen here are two of the boys)

They are quite happy to sit and watch too (one of the boys)

They can be cute and sweet (one of the girls)

And always charming (one of the boys)

At just 5 weeks of age, they do have what it takes (a girl)

to make for a wonderful dog in the future (a boy)

If you would like to know more, please feel free to email us, or phone:  07 4122 2809, for further details we still have available pick puppies of each sex, to suitable homes as well as a few, lovely babies.

Pedigree of: Loujoma Litter

Sex Reg No.
Date of Birth Breed German Shepherd
Owner Breeder Liz Smith
Colour & Markings Black/Gold Call Name
Bygoly Frin


Bygoly Benze Max Della Loggia Dei Mercanti Sch H 111 VA Visum V. Arminius Sch H 111 Jeck V. Noricum
Ratta V. Arminius
Luna Dell 'Isola Dei Baroni Sch H 1 Uwa V. Wienerau
Gildi Isola Dei Boroni
Eng Ch Wereuna's Breeze Inter. Champ Rosehurst Chris Uran V. Wildsteiger Land
Rosehurst Romana
Bygoly Amberleise Zack V. Adeloga
Digi von der Murrenhutte
V Yammi von der Kieferscheck Sch H 1 Kanto vom Kahlenbergring Sch H 111 FH Frei vom Hirschel Tell V. Grossen Sand
Ica von Haus Reiterland
Malve von Adeloga Sch H 1 Derby V. Adeloga
Frauke V. Adeloga
Romini von der Kiefersheck Sch H 1 Sigolf von der Kiefersheck Cito V. Berganhof
Fara von der Kiefersheck
Wanda von der Seiten Keller Sch H 1 Clodo von Forstersgorte
Leila von der Burselleiglo
Zellburg Emma


Fax V. Emstor VA 5 95 Ajax V. Haller Osning SchH3 VA Fando V. Sudblick Kim V.D. Michaelswiese
Wiske V. Sudblick
Jalka V.D. Steinhagerquelle Warro V. Huhnegrab
Frenzi V.D. Steinhagerquelle
Alka v Emstor Rony V. Arminius Fedor V. Arminius
Nati V. Grafenhain
V Tessa V. Emstor Sch H2 Ulf V. Basilisk
Diwa V. Loher Weq
V Ira vd Waterkant V Kratmosens Gambo Sch H3 Kkl 1 V Jello vd Wienerau Sch H3 Kkl 1 Fedor V. Arminius
Ussi V.D. Wienerau
V Laura V. Wiesenborn Sch H 2 HGH IP2 Kkl 1 Fando V. Sudblick
Alfi V. Wiesenborn
Maxi V. Batu Sch H11 Cello v.D. Romerau Sch H 111 Natz V. Hasenborn
Quana V. Arminius
Zilli V. Batu Gundo V. Trienzbachtal
Herra v Batu



BYGOLY FRIN 'A'Z' H-Neg BSC.1 (imp. UK)

Bren is available at stud to approved bitches.



John & Liz Smith
Loujoma German Shepherds  


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