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Dividing line -- they're everywhere

The Small Denominational Order of Loose Change has a slowly-evolving Chapterhouse.

One of the more recent evolutions is that it has mirrored, or nearly so. As of this writing, the version you are currently looking at is the most up to date. For a version of the site which is banner-add free but never updated, click on the banner or follow this link to our new virtual domain.

Loose Change is still that stuff making noise in your pocket, annoying you until you need it for the parking meter, the bus token, or have enough scraped together for a snack from the vending machine.

Loose Change can also be given to beggars, or tossed into the cases of street musicians.

In short, it's handy stuff that you don't think about until you need it.

This site contains some of the strange tales gathered by the Order, with new stories added every so often. Some are true in sprit, others in fact, several in both sprit and fact.

In the meantime, rattle the change in your pocket meditatively.

Or read a few of our tales.

Loosely non-fiction

A tale of the young God Emperor
A prank.

How a ritual was born
The secret history of the Ritual of Liking

A gekko in the house
Sometimes it's the simple things that make revenge so sweet.

Grounding the fire
"Why are those wires coming out of the fire pit?"

The writing on the wall
The master of manipulation manipulates the unmanipulable.

Between rock and prayer
Attending a seminar on the evils of rock lyrics becomes more than a lark.

The Three Snusketeers
Homage to the King in a kangaroo scrotum.

Redirecting Traffic
Yet another prank.

More like real Fiction: Brother yiB's stories

The Man Who Went to the Magic Market to buy Death -- With the original collages.
A legend from the place where things can be made into ways, and ways into things.

The Dreaming Detective
A noir detective story, and then some. This is the Little Sister's personal favorite.

The Squeak
Funny. Wierd, but funny.

Brother yiB has his own web page now, Oneirodynia.
It is a beautiful site, and full of more of his fiction, essays, and art.

In a class of their own

Crazy Hassan and his Clearinghouse of Delights.

The aphorisms collected by the Chapterhouse
(Updated 8/02.)

Brush with Death on an old network

How the Chapterhouse came to be
Now with links.

The Red Temple Documents
The Chapterhouse is currently pleased to have our hands on the storage files for the Red Temple.
These are a compendium of odd documents to be perused at your peril.
We do not, however, consider such peril to be a bad thing.

Fireclown on Buried Programs
From a dialog off the Z-list. Advice on dealing with unwanted buried programs.

Why Chaos Magicians are Assholes
Edited 9/99

Loose Workings
A few rituals from the Small Denominational Order,
including the Mass in Chaos (Z).

I get to ask writer Neil Gaiman a question

The Parables and Psalms

A Discordian parable

A Chaotic parable

The parable of the roses

A parable from the Sufi

An Artificial Intellegence Koan

The parable of the messy pig

Murphy's Psalm

The Pope Joke.

The Small Denominational Order of Loose Change has no abbey in realspace.

It is, incidentally, a node of the Z(cluster)
Mail to the Order can be sent here.

All contents (except the Red Temple) 1998, 1999, and 2000, unless otherwise noted. Yahoo says they have the right to reproduce anything on this page in any format for advertising purposes, but I don't think they'd actually want to.

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