Just look at that face!  Is that the face of a villain?  Absolutely not!  This is the face you trust, with that angelic smile, and those melting brown eyes.  You just know that the other Venoms could rely on him and his soft-hearted ways.  Well, that's when the Scorpion stings!  How could that sweet boy arrange for the torture and murder of Toad?  How could that trustworthy upright citizen hide a knife in the toe of his boot?   That, my friend, is the talent of this man.  Sure, he could kick up a storm, even fight with weapons and hand to hand, but as an actor, he always had us guessing.  Now Lu Feng, he was open in his villainy, but Sun, you could never be quite sure if he was the straight arrow that he purported to be. His characters always had a bit of subtlety that could go unnoticed.   In CRIPPLED AVENGERS, he was the character with the conscience, and more than a little bit of fear.  In AVENGING WARRIORS OF SHAOLIN, his gentle nature was horribly betrayed.  
Now all of the boys had moments where they just shone.   It might not have been the best of the Venoms films, but for some reason, they just stood out.  Sun has quite a few of those.  In no particular order...

Didn't have a big role in this, but was pivotal.  His final fight scenes were breathtaking, to say the least.  Against Lo Meng, he moved with total delicacy in contrast to Lo's hyperkinetic kung fu.  The headband was a good look for him.

Avenging Warriors of Shaolin
One of Sun's more heartbreaking characters.  He was used and abused by his kung fu brothers.  Sun mastered the sweet, puppy dog look in this movie.  When he found true friendship, it lasted such a short time.  Poor fellow was done in by his own soft-hearted ways.  Oh, he looked really good in those tight floods....

In this movie, Sun Chien got to move into the lead position of the pack.  He was the main good-guy Venom in this one, a role usually reserved for Kuo Chui.  This movie was a team picture, but for whatever reason, Sun's presence dominated  this film. 

A Fu Sheng vehicle that was the first film to feature the 5 Venoms in one single film.  Sun Chien was the second primary character, playing the naive, scholarly roommate to Fu Sheng's lead.  He played a Taiwanese college student who was almost crippled by the demands of studying in a foreign country. (San Francisco, USA)  He didn't really get to strut his stuff, but emerged as the moral conscience of the movie.  Plus, Sun gifted us with the inimitable costume of skin tight polyester flares, an apron, and hornrim glasses....I just know Chippendales' picked him up...

Sun plays an honorable magistrate sent to investigate charges of treason in an imperial household.  He didn't give so much as one kick, but instead relied on bodyguards for his protection.   In spite of the lack of action, Sun was a powerful and authoritative presence in this movie.  And the look he gave Chin Siu Ho...Yowza! 
Sun had a charming tendency to break character.  It wasn't a big deal, just small moments where his eyes softened and you could see him hiding a smile.  In AVENGING WARRIORS, he glances at Kuo Chui, who has his finger up his nose.  Poor Sun has to look away to keep from laughing!  It happens again in CRIPPLED AVENGERS, when he is being piggy-backed by Chiang Sheng. ( I get the feeling Kuo and Chiang were quite the disruptive duo...)
Speaking of smiles, no one had a smile like Sun's!  He could shift from sweetness and light to evil and malice in a heartbeat.
I personally believe that Sun is the most underrated of the Venoms crew.  How many of the others could get through a movie without using any of their signature skills?  Sun did that in HOUSE OF TRAPS, and didn't do much action in CHINATOWN KID or ODE TO GALLANTRY.  He was there as an actor, rather than as a martial artist.   But when he moved, no one could match that style!  In GOLDEN ARM, Kuo Chui's character matched him kick for kick,  but never matched the grace or power that was Sun Chien's.
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Sun Chien is currently living in Hong Kong and is retired from the entertainment industry.  He is married and has a family!
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