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Welcome to Nick's final heaven.
Here you will find tips about final fantasy games
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Final Fantasy 7
Final Fantasty 8
you are number.......
Final Fantasy 9
August 29, 2002
yo hi every one. i finaly did it!i made possibley the greatest web site ever made! yeah right. but my buddys say its pretty good well my page isnt under construction until final fantasy 11 comes out on the ps2!!!! i cant wait till it comes out but you need to buy the internet modem for the ps2 for it to work!! thats pretty cool that every one all around the world plays with you!! see ya later!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Final Fantasy 10
All thanks to....
for making great games!
Final Fantasy Tactics
August 30,2002
I just got this new game today called final fantasy tactics and it rocks!!!there is some info on the game but i just started so there is probly barely anythin there but as soon as i beat it il give full news about it!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Created: August 29,2002
downloadable midis!!!
August 31,2002
today i got downloadable midis of final fantasy 7 there cool but i give full credit to the people who made it!!! so there free for take!I also added a chat room for all of you to talk and stuff!!
e-mail me if you have any questions
final fantasy chat room
september 1,2002
today i agreed to put some links on my page and there at the bottom of the page. The page might be a little different.
please sign my guest book
if you can read this you dont need glasses
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september 2,2002
today i submitted to over 80 search engines. it took forever but its worth it since now im getting at least 30 peeps per day!!! well see ya!!!
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