Snow White and Seven Dwarfs with cottage case.  I have both the Snow White with the Doc and then also the Seven Dwarfs to the other set with the house. The bowls I have are for for the Goldilocks Set. The one that goes to this has a green instead of yellow bowl.  Snow White wears red high heeled shoes similar to Dawn doll shoes.  Her cape is made of felt.
Goldilocks and her little baby bear.  The bear sits on a chair that has a peg to hold him in place. She wears pink flat shoes similar to Florence Niddle's but no t-strap.
Pinocchio has a bendy body with strings attached to his arms and 2 out of the top of his head.  The string holder is made of plastic and move.  His hammer seems to be the hardest item to find in this set...besides the brown/black shoes (which I don't have yet).  The drawers on his workbench open and close.
Sleeping Beauty has shoes in the same style as Goldilocks but  are blue and smaller.  Her bed is often found with discolorations from the glue used to put the plastic together.
Rumplestilskin wears a felt top tied with blue cord, blue tights, and plastic green hat. It is hard to find the hat with the feather and the plastic spinning wheel with the cord still attached to it.  The spinning wheel actually has a wheel that spins.
Cinderella is one of the most commonly found Storykins but her see-thru slippers and crown are the most hard to find of her set (I think).  The shoes if left on her feet will "melt" over time and you might find them with the sides and back missing or glued to her feet.  The top of her coach can be taken off to place the doll inside and the wheels on the coach move.
Prince Charmings horse is attached to the green grass-like base and his tail and head can be moved. The prince is most often found missing his feather...they are frail and tend to be broken or lost over time.  He wears a tunic and tights and plastic hat.
Mother Hubbard is the only Storykin I have on the card.  When found loose she is most commonly found without those ugly glasses of hers.  She is occasionally found with her little dog but he is hard to find as well. The cupboard doors and drawers are able to open and close. She has a very tight bun in her hair, printed dress with attached apron and yellow shoes.

Half Pints were made in the mid 60's by the My Toy Company.  The dolls are similar to the larger bodied Kiddles but have very flat areas in their joints at the area where the arms and legs meet the torso.  I can't find anything in the way of names for them individually but they came with cute accessories, though cheaply made,  they are marked Japan.  The green boots for the Scooter girl are sought after by Kiddle Kollectors to go on their Peter Paniddle. The Boating girl wears black boots which would be perfect for a Santa kreation. The Engineer Boy wears blue shoes. And the Gardening Gal wears green shoes. My collection is becoming more finished. I would like to have them all mint on card someday.
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