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Welcome to Studio Anime Inc!
Welcome to Studio Anime Inc! Hello! Sorry everyone but there won't be any updates of the manga for a while, due to a manga that I am doing for the Rising Stars of Manga contest that is hosted by Tokyo Pop. I am on a tight deadline, so, that means that I am like, totally screwed if I don't finish it in time lol. The contest ends December 16th, so I guess that I won't do any updates until then. So, wish me luck everyone and please, don't kill me for lack of updates (especially since I dont update that often due to school lol). Its hard, yeah, I know but trust me, I will get the updates as soon as possible. I just thought that I would let all of you know that, since my update time literally sux, compared to everyone else I know that does online manga lol. Thanks to everyone who is waiting patiently. I really appreciate it alot. Thanks for sticking with me and come back and visit me! Thanks ^_^!!!

-Crystal Butler *The Artist formerly known as* o_O;;;
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