Hello, I have been studying the prophecies of Daniel and Revelation for some time now. As most Bible studiers do, I've come up with some personal ideas and interpretations on the prophecies contained within the Bible (I don't insist that any of these are right, they're just ideas).

I thought I'd put this all online for other Bible students (or anyone who's interested) to see. You will probably be surprised by some of my ideas as I believe a certain number of prophesies have already been fulfilled. But I have tried my hardest to find a solid link between what has been prophesied and what has actually come true, in order to find out what will happen in the future.

I'd be glad to know what you think of my ideas. My email address is

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End Time Bible Prophecy Study

The following subjects are covered: armaggedon/armaggeddon, apocalypse, the rapture, future bible prophecy/prophesy, prophecies, 666 the antichrist/seven headed wild beast, satan the devil, babylon the harlot, book of revelation, daniel, the prophets, the apostle john, Jesus Christ, God, end times prophecy, the end of days prophecy, the roman empire, nero.


Start Here

I'd recommend you read the first links first, as they are the most direct. The other links are more in depth, there I am trying to provide the evidence to back my claims up.

Important Decided Dates - When The Resurrections Happen - Decided dates of the resurrections and other events

The Time Prophesies Of Daniel And Revelation - How I got the dates decided above

The '1290 Days' Prophecy - More explaining of this prophecy

About The Two Resurrections - Proof that there are two resurrections, and not just one

What Happens Between The Two Resurrections - Satan's war, Jesus' rule

Chronology Chart - A chart which helps to summarise the information above. I have tried to show the links between the prophecies, also emphasise the sense of chronology within the prophecies

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Walkthrough of Revelation

As well as providing us with three prophecies to calculate the resurrections, God and Jesus provided us with the Revelation. I wanted to do a thorough study of each scripture of Revelation to understand the events that would be happening from the time of John, up to our time and beyond. I have included all this in the links below.

Summary of Symbols - My thoughts on what certain symbolic terms may mean

Chapter 1 - A message from God, Jesus and John
Chapter 2 - Special messages to the seven congregations
Chapter 3 - Special messages to the seven congregations
Chapter 4 - A description of heaven, God and those present with him
Chapter 5 - Jesus is shown capable of unsealing the revelation
Chapter 6 - The removing of the seven seals
Chapter 7 - The gathering of the 144 thousand Christians
Chapter 8 - The seven trumpet blowings commence
Chapter 9 - The fifth and sixth trumpet blowings
Chapter 10 - Further judgments are to be placed upon the Roman Empire
Chapter 11 - The two faithful congregations; the last trumpet judgments
Chapter 12 - The sign of Christianity and Satan
Chapter 13 - The seven headed beast
Chapter 14 - The 144 thousand martyr Christians; the judgment against the nations held by Rome
Chapter 15 - The sanctuary is prepared for the second set of seven plagues
Chapter 16 - The first six bowl judgments
Chapter 17 - A description of Rome and her empire
Chapter 18 - A message of destruction forthcoming to Rome
Chapter 19 - The destruction of the wild beast and the false prophet
Chapter 20 - The events that happen after the wild beast and the end of the world
Chapter 21 - A description of New Jerusalem
Chapter 22 - Jesus offers New Jerusalem to anyone who wants everlasting life

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