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About Us...


                                   We are Jeff and Krysti Matherly.

We live in the Central Valley in California.
We are currently on the journey of adopting a baby girl from
The People's Republic of China.
Jeff is a Construction Plumber and
Krysti is a Social Service Worker

We have been married for nine years and are
VERY EXCITED about being parents. 
We have tried for several years to build our family through pregnancy and have endured many painful set backs. 

When God opened our hearts to adoption, we felt very glad to hope again.  Since that day, it seems that every day our hearts are more full of love for this little girl that we haven't been able to meet yet.  It seems strange that your love can grow and your hearts can be connected when you have never met or even seen a picture.  But, that is exactly what is happening.  Every day we pray for our little girl, that God will keep her safe while she is developing and growing, and that she can feel our love already. 

Thank you for taking the time to read about us,
Jeff and Krysti Matherly
The song playing is "Texas Tornado" by Tracy Lawrence
It has just always been our song.  The words don't really reflect our relationship. But I thought I was moving away right after we realized that we were in love, and this is the song that always made us think of eachother.  I was leaving for Colorado, and Jeff called me his little "Colorado Tornado".
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