I'm not only a member of the KISS Army... I'm also a member of the "Jesus Army"

I know a lot of people tend to worship their favorite bands as though they were God. I on the other hand "Worship" only one God.... That's the Big guy above. I Love KISS and their music... their dedication to the fans... You don't see that now days in new bands. KISS knows that if it weren't for their fans they would be no where and they show their appreciation to the fans in their shows.

Although KISS gives me a great feeling when listening to their music... God on the other hand makes me feel like I can't lose. I feel like I have a friend all the time, even when I am alone. The more I learn about God... The more intense the relationship becomes. I know a lot of people these days that are so depressed and sad... And if they only had a friend that was there all the time for them... life just wouldn't seem so bad. Even hard times seem easier to get through when you talk to your "Best Friend" and ask for help. I don't expect KISS to help me when I am having a hard time. Their job is to make AWESOME music and to maybe take your mind off of your troubles if only for a few minutes when listening to their music. God is the one that can and will help you when you are in a tight spot. There is only one person that can handle the work load of the world... that person IS God.
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