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Welcome to the main parodies page. The following pieces of fanfiction are completely original...sort of. Honestly, how original can something be when you're spoofing another piece of work? Anyway, these are the Voltron parodies that my creative conscious helped to create. Fair warning, do not read these if you do not have a sense of humor, if you don't know how to laugh, or if you're pregnant or nursing. If you have any questions, comments, or parody suggestions, please email me. Thank you and I hope you laugh as much as I did when I wrote these.

 Lionballs: This is my Ultimate Voltron Parody. It is a spoof of the wonderful, incredible, and ingenius movie, Spaceballs by Mel Brooks. This spoof started out on the Official Voltron Message Board and has grown by leaps and bounds due to the wonderful support I have received from the many Voltron board members. This parody is dedicated to all of Voltron's fans, especially to my friends on the Official Voltron Message Boards.*Warning: This spoof is rated PG-15. It contains some adult language, some mature themes and extreme comical situations. Some side effects resulting from the reading of this spoof are: upset stomach, aching ribs, and teary eyes. Do not read if you are pregnant or nursing.*

 The Adventures of Elevator Lance: My most popular work and winner of the 2006 "Best Humor Fanfiction Fandom Award". Currently in its third and final season, these stories focus on the adventures of everyone's favorite Red Lion pilot as he rides an elevator every day to work.

 Bad Waitress Fangirl: Inspired by a rude waitress at Applebee's.

 12 Voltron Days of Christmas: Pretty self explainatory. Inspired by a game on the Official Voltron Message Board.

 Voltron Board Members Go Crazy: A spoof of Weird Al's Santa Went Crazy, featuring some of my friends from the Official Voltron Message Board.

  Who's in Black Lion: Here is a parody of the old Who's on First? skit by Abbott and Costello. I hope you all enjoy.

 Loafin' Around: Here is another parody of an old skit by Abbott and Costello. This is a parody of a skit where Abbott got a job as a loafer in a bakery. I hope you all enjoy.

 Robot Lion in the Window: This is a parody of the song, How Much Is That Doggie in the Window. Perfect for singing to kids.

 Allura's Job Interview: Inspired by a scene from The Producers.

 A Benny Shaved...: An old gag that I saw on the Muppet Show

 Bud Light Presents...: Inspired by those hilarious Bud Light Presents commercials.

 Bud Light Presents: Justin Marks...: Inspired by those hilarious Bud Light Presents commercials, this time featuring Justin Marks.

 Flying a Robot Lion: Inspired by a scene from To Be or Not To Be.

 Here's Your Sign, Allura: I could picture Allura getting a lot of these signs :).

 Keith High as a Kite: The Voltron commander finally learns to mellow out.

 Lion Tech Support: We all hate dealing with tech support people. Now it's Keith's turn.

 WKBL Special Guest, Cossack: What if Keith and Lance had their own radio program?.

 WKBL Special Guest Duo Maxwell: A bit of cross universing on this one. Can Duo deal with Keith and Lance?.

 Voltron, Yo' Momma: Keith and Lotor settle their differences with a "Yo' Momma" fight. Inspired by the Palpatine vs. Luke fight on Robot Chicken.

 Twas the Night Before - Planet Doom: Twas the Night Before Christmas on Planet Doom.Warning - contains foul language and pointless violence

 Twas the Night Before - Planet Arus: Twas the Night Before Christmas on Planet Arus.Warning - contains foul language, nudity and pointless violence

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Disclaimer: All parodies featured on this site have been written by me (unless otherwise noted). Parodies may be linked to without prior permission as long as I am credited as the author. The copying and pasting of the parodies to other websites, and any subsequent use of these parodies require prior permission from me. 1 1
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