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My Voltron Pic Gallery

Welcome to my picture gallery. The following pieces of artwork are either photo manipulations or hand drawn fan art. Here, you will find all of my parody pics. If you have any comment on these pics, please feel free to drop me line. Of course, if you have an idea for a parody pic that you would like to see, please, send me an email and I will be happy to discuss the idea with you.

 Voltron: The Credit Cards:I came up with the idea of Voltron credit cards from my MBNA Star Wars credit card. *Original Voltron pics obtained from screen captures. Voltron is a trademark of World Events Productions. MBNA has no affiliation with these pics. These are NOT pics of actual credit cards, merely mock ups made for entertainment purposes*

 My Voltron Fanart:I drew these back in 1999 by eyeballing my Voltron lion toys. *These are original works of art. Please do not copy or redistribute these without my permission.* .

 Death Comes to Aussieland: Inspired by a conversation on the Official Voltron Board and dedicated to my dear friend down in Australia.

  Familiar Zords on the View Screen!: This pic originated from my Voltron comic that I put together. Check out the view screen and tell me what you see.

 Nothing Runs Like a Deer: One of my commercial pic ideas that I had. This is for John Deere. *Original picture captured from SGB's website*

 Allura in Playboy: This was my vision of a cover of Playboy featuring everyone's favorite Voltron Princess, Allura, as featured on the Official Voltron Message Board. *This is not an actual issue of Playboy. This is one I created using Paint Shop Pro 7. The image was obtained from the Yahoo! group, Voltronsfancy.*

 Vehicle Voltron: Spokesman for GEICO.: My idea for a GEICO commercial featuring Vehicle Voltron and Lion Voltron. *Original picture captured from Devil's Due Productions Voltron comic*

 Voltron Boys Gone Wild: The Playboy cover featuring Allura was such a hit, that I had to find a way to top it. The women of the Official Voltron Message Board felt a bit neglected, as most "gutter-minded" works feature Allura or Romelle. Well, in honor of the female Voltron fans, I created a Guys Gone Wild cover featuring the men of Voltron. *Most of the images obtained for this pic were taken from the Yahoo! group, Voltronsfancy.*

 Viagra for Voltron:And yet another commercial pic, this time for Viagra. *Original Voltron picture captured from vhs "Planet Doom" and original Lance picture captured from KiethsLionesse's website*

 Voltron Park, Colorado: Just an idea of what would happen if Voltron and South Park were merged.

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