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My Serious Voltron Fanfiction

Welcome to my serious fanfiction page. All of the fanfiction on this page have limited comedic tones. This is to show you that not everything I write has to be a spoof or laugh riot...although, those seem to get more publicity.

 One Night With Allura: This is a short story revolving around Keith and Allura. It is one of my serious attempts at writing a romance scene.
*Warning: This short story is rated R. It contains some nudity and mature sexual situations not intended for younger readers*

 Allura Does Arus: Haggar casts a spell on Allura to make her fall in love with Lotor, but it backfires turning her into a nymphomaniac.
*Warning: This story is rated NC-17. It contains a lot of nudity and down right raunchy sex scenes not intended for younger readers. Some scenes may even turn the stomachs of some adults.

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