Defender of the Universe

Comprehensive Episode Guide and Image Gallery

Welcome to my Voltron Episode Guide. This guide is broken up into volumes, represented by the image of the respective collector's tin. Each episode will feature the episode's title, original air date, and a summary of the episode written by me. Each episode will also feature a small gallery of screen captures from the episode. In addition, each episode will feature a comparison to its GoLion counter-part,whenever appropriate. Keep in mind that this guide will feature spoilers, so if you don't want to know some of the deeper, darker secrets of the plot before watching the dvds yourself, then I suggest you leave now. This is a work in process so I ask that you please be patient as I work to complete this project. Thank you and please enjoy.

Volume One: Episodes 1 - 15

Volume Two: Episodes 16 - 30

Volume Three: Episodes 31 - 45

Volume Four: Episodes 46 - 59

Volume Five: Episodes 60 - 72

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Disclaimer: Voltron is a registered trademark of World Events Productions. I do not own any monetary rights to any aspect of the show. The images and summaries featured in this episode guide come directly from the Media Blasters remastered dvds of Voltron: Defender of the Universe. The individual episode summaries are expressions of my own opinions and are not shared or affiliated with Media Blasters or World Events Productions. Feel free to link to the episode reviews but please give credit to me, as I did take the time to watch each episode in order to write the review. Also, all screen shots were taken directly from the DVDs and edited by me. These images as well as any other manipulated photos (specifically, the title images that adorn the tops of the webpages) may be used to further promote Voltron on other websites. However, I do require that credit be given to me on these websites. Nothing ticks me off more than someone swiping a graphic and claiming it for their own.
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