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Welcome to my little corner of the Voltron Fandom. Unlike most other Voltron fan sites which focus on Keith and Allura fanfiction, Lotor and Allura fanfiction, Keith and Lotor fanfiction, the love affair between Pidge and the Space Mice and whether or not Voltron can make decent scrambled eggs, my site focuses more on the comedic side of Voltron. On display are numerous parody pics as well as original parody fanfiction, including the ultimate Voltron parody, Lionballs which has earned me the title of King of Voltron Parody upon the Official Voltron Message Board. Scattered throughout this site are a few serious pieces of works, such as my One Night With Allura and Allura Does Arus. I hope you enjoy my site, thank you for visiting and I wish you the best of laughs.

May '09: As many of you may have heard, Yahoo will be shutting down Geocities. This is a shame since Geocities has been the home for this site for 8 years. As such, this will be the last update that I will do on this site until I find a new web hosting service. The last update for this site is Chapter 10 of Allura Does Arus. It's long over-do but I hope the fans enjoy it.

I was fortunate enough to read the actual script for the Voltron movie. My detailed review can be found at the following link. Just click on Official Script Review to read it. I quoted the script itself, so there are plenty of spoilers. Also, it hs been rumored that this script is no longer being considered. However, until official news is released, I will keep this review active.

I have also transcribed the ToyFare Magazine interview with Justin Marks concerning his script for He-Man. Though it's not about Voltron, the Voltron movie is mentioned, plus it gives insight to Justin Marks. The link is: Justin Marks ToyFare Interview

My Voltron Message Board Discuss all aspects of Voltron with other Voltron devotees, maniacs, and obsessed fangirls.

Comprehensive Episode Guide An episode guide that I have painstakingly tried to make different than any other Voltron episode guide on the web.

Image hosting by Photobucket Voltron Force Biographies Familiarize yourself with the Voltron Force or just waste time visiting a redundant page.

Image hosting by Photobucket My Parodies The main reason for this website...other than to meet hot chicks that are into big robots.

Image hosting by Photobucket My FanArt Gallery Featuring my parody pics, some photo manipulations,a hidden camera in the women's bathroom and Nanny's Naughty Webcam.

Image hosting by Photobucket My Voltron Fanfiction These are my serious stories. You won't find parodies in here.

Image hosting by Photobucket Links Here are the links to the other Voltron sites...the sites that aren't funny, the sites that have the weird love triangle thing going on and the sites that promote Voltron: The Third Dimension *shivers*

Image hosting by Photobucket My Awards I would like to thank the academy for these awards. I worked very hard, kissing every Drule butt that I could find, eating Allura's failed attempts at cooking and even helping Nanny with her webcam.


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