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What is Grandparent Visitation?

What does the word, "grandparents" bring to mind when it falls from your own lips or those of another? Do you think of happy holidays? Maybe you think of fun and exciting summers, cookies and milk, fishing trips, and all those little things they know how to spoil you with that make Mom and Dad smirk a little and roll their eyes. Those are the images that have always entered my mind when I thought of grandparents. I wish I still felt that way.

In the rapidly changing world we live in, it's safe to say that nothing will ever stay the same. As generations come and go, they bring and take with them their own customs, values, attitudes, and even styles of clothing. Naturally, as one loving generation of grandparents fades into our happiest memories, another replaces it with it's own defining characteristics.

With that, I'd like to take this opportunity to welcome you to our current place in time. Welcome to the world that allows you to sue McDonalds when you spill a cup of scalding coffee in your lap; the world in which you are liable for the injuries of a man trying to break into your home; and the world where we obviously sue our children for visitation with our grandchildren because the holidays "just don't cut it" anymore.

Grandparents today are suing their own children, regardless of marital status, for visitation with their grandchildren. I'm not talking about stepping in when both parents are unfit and the child has nowhere else to go. I'm talking about throwing an unholy conniption because visits are becoming too infrequent and less convenient for them. I am talking about grandparents whose ties have not been legally severed or endangered. I am talking about a self-glorifying grandma/grandpa who wants a little taste of total control.

When one becomes a grandparent, I've been told, it's a life-changing experience. With no doubt, the majority of grandparents develop a strong bond of love with their grandchild(ren). Does that strong bond of love, though, replace all the love that the grandparent had for their own child(ren)? I, myself, am beginning to wonder. I can't exactly pinpoint what emotion drives a parent to punish their own child to the point of complete and utter bankruptcy and humiliation with both the psychological and financial trauma of being sued by them.

Am I failing to properly weigh the importance of a grandchild reaching his or her quota of ice-cream sandwiches and fishing trips against the importance of evading the plummet of that same child's home life into both emotional and financial devastation? What has happened to the rights of our nation's fit parents? Parents who have given their best to provide for their children, who are by no means unfit in the eyes of the state, are no longer allowed to raise their children and make their own decisions. Third party visitation laws directly violate the rights of these fit parents to raise their children as they see fit. Most importantly, they deny our children the right to an uninterrupted family life and their own rights to be raised by the fit parents whose job it is to do so.

We need a change. We need to be free from unconstitutional grandparent visitation statutes. We need to be Free From GPV.


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