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Framed Painting Boxes.

These hand painted glass and wood items were inspired by the beautiful surroundings of the Florida Keys! Created by Zee and KC from Tavernier Florida... Each unique item was designed to create an atmosphere of peace and tranquility in any home or office environment. The vases can be displayed on a window to cause a translucent effect from natural day light. The boxes can be hung as wall paintings and double as a hiding place for precious belongings hidden away from plain view. When you acquire any of these items you can rest assured that there is none other like it around! Visit our gallery to view or purchase existing items and feel free to contact us via e-mail regarding any special request on our type of work. Please allow two weeks for the completion of special request or reproduction of similar sold out items. Thanks for visiting our website we hope you enjoy our unique creations. *These products are not available for wholesale.

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