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I just want you to know that I got most of these pictures at Nadine's

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My "Art"
Helga : My first try at drawing a teen Helga on paint.
Helga on the Grass : Helga lying in the sun on the grass.
Cute Helga : A cute picture of Helga.
Arnold : My first try drawing Arnold on paint.
Stars : Arnold with a beach and stars background.

Arana Mia

Arnold & Helga : Helga watches as Arnold worries about a problem.
Viking Helga : Helga as I viking from Whats opera, Arnold?
Cecile : Helga wears her Cecile outfit.
Another Cecile : Another picture of Helga as Cecile.
Preschool Arnold & Helga : A recreation of Arnold and Helga's first meeting in Helga on the Couch.
The Kiss : Arnold and Helga's post-confession kiss.
Olga : Pencil sketches of award-winning Olga Pataki.
Teen Helga : Helga as a teenager.


Groupie : The Hey Arnold gang as teenagers


Hanging Out : Sid, Harold, and Stinky hanging out.


Cecile : A drawing of Cecile.

Cowgirl EM

Catch : Arnold catches Helga in his arms.
Arnold : A cute picture of Arnold


Helga Standing : Helga Standing...Duh!


Helga & Arnold : Helga and Arnold looking lovingly into eachothers eyes. AWWWW!
Arnold : A portrait of Arnold.


Arnold I : A picture of Arnold.
Arnold II : A second picture of Arnold.
Arnold III : A third picture of Arnold.
Arnold IV : A fourth picture of Arnold.


Thoughts : Helga might say mean things and act tough around Arnold, but what is she really thinking when she says those things?


Secret Agent : Arnold, Gerald, and Helga dress up as secret agents.
Arnold's Angels : Lila, Helga, and Phoebe parody Charlie's Angels.
The Matrix : Arnold, Gerald, and Helga dress up as characters from The Matrix.


Anime Arnold and Helga : Arnold and Helga are drawn in an anime style.


Teen Helga and Arnold : A teenage Arnold and Helga meet in the hallway.
Sailor Helga : Arnold and Helga as Tuxedo Mask and Sailor Moon.


Arnold Goes Broadway : Arnold sings in a tux and top hat.


Girly Helga : Helga looking all dolled up.
Teen HelgaAn older version of Helga.


Jungle Movie Portrait : Arnold and his parents are reunited.
Choices : Miriam Pataki is faced with a difficult choice...


School Play : Everyone's favorite scene from the episode School Play.


Dance : Grown-up versions of Arnold and Helga dance with their children looking on.

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