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Yay! It's up! Well, here's some info about me and Ebony. I'm 13-years-old and I live in Houston, TX. Ebony is about 4 or 5 months old and is a black American short-hair or a tabby. Her mother was a stray and found by one of my mom's student's mother. She gave the mother cat to her daughter (my mom's student) and the stray cat had a litter of kittens a few weeks later. My twin sister had wanted a kitten for a while, but we already had a (extra kawaii) cat. But after my mom heard about the stray cat having kittens she decided to adopt one for us. So that's how we got Ebony. At first, Ebony wasn't playful at all and was sorta runt, but after a few days she was running around and chasing toy mice. Unfortunately, my other cat, Frisky, wasn't really fond of her. They like each other now; Frisky and her are okay now, Frisky grooms her and she bites his tail while he's doing that. They chase each other and Frisky bites her but they're friends, or the closes thing to friends there is in the cat world. Well, that's enough for now.


~*~Ebony Pictures~*~

Ebony hanging-out in my sis's room Ebony: Frisky's food is yummy... HEY! Why don't they give me this stuff instead of that growth food! Ebony: Yummy! Frisky's food is GOOD!  Frisky: BLAST! She ate my food AGAIN! AGH! Ebony under a chair Ebony taking five ^_~ Ebony standing on a Little Mermaid pillow Ebony: My cuteness is too much for even ME to handle!
Ebony's reaction to the camera ^.^ Ebony: Just let me go to sleep and stop sticking the camera in my face! Sleepy-time for Ebony ^.^ The way i'm sitting is giving me a wedgey! Ebony and my *lovely* arm Ebony on a chair with that Little Mermaid pillow again! Another close-up pic of Ebony


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