About Us
We've been in Aussies since 1976.  My husband, Ray, and I were given an aussie/lab cross by Ray's Grandfather  when we were married.Well, one wasn't enough, so we got Buck, who was pure bred Aussie not papered.  We were more into showing horses at that time so the papers really didn't matter. And that was how we got started! 

In the fall of 1976 we moved from Colorado to Wyoming and went to work on a working cattle ranch. Where Bozo and Buck became out best ranch hands and later babysitters. We had to say goodbye to Bozo then 12, and then Buck at age 15. We decided to get into registered dogs, so we could show them.  Because horse shows are few and far between in southwestern Wyoming. And it was alot cheaper to haul dogs, we were hooked!

Our first registered aussie didn't work out so the search for another one was on. When our friends, Norm and Michelle Harrower said we could use their bitch to breed and split the litter with them we couldn't pass that up!  The dam was Ebbtide Sebring. So our search for a stud began. We ended up at Spring Fever Aussies in Utah, and choose WTCH. Ch. Gold Nugget's Contender CD (HOF).  And this was the begining of Justamere Australian Shepherds.

We breed for Temperament first and Quality second, plus a good versatility dog.  As that is a must for the Ranch life we live. All dogs are OFA'd and Eyes checked yearly.  All dogs are dual registered with ASCA and AKC and are shown in both venues.

We want to give a big THANK YOU to everyone that has helped us out throughout the years!
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