Our Past Greats
Spring Fever Lil' Wrangler "Jeep"
January 12, 1993- August 18, 2004
WTCH CH Gold Nugget's Contender CD X WTCH CH. Brushwood's Bonnie Kye CD

No farewell words were sopken,
No time to say goodbye,
You were gone before we knew it,
And God only knows why.

You were our flop dog and talker, there will never be another one like you.
Emma was such a faithful friend,
Very loyal until the end.
In the show ring she did win
Earning points again and again.

Oh, what a wonderful, happy day
When she won the rest of her points- hooray!
Now with her title, the whole world could see
The true Champion we always knew her to be.

Her offspring, too are well on their way
To gaining their championships someday.
Peek, Hailey, and also Copper
Are out there winning like their Mother.

And if that's not enough, another pup was flowen over the sea
Justamere Country Classic now resides in Milano, Italy.
The line is now world renown
As this dog in Europe your friends do own.

Emma will always be remembered for the joy that she gave,
We hope you'll be comforted in the following days.
Yes, Emma was such a faithful friend,
Very loyal until the end.

Poem by Megan Hargis

CH. Spring Fever's Great Expectation DNA-CP
Emma's Kids
CH. Justamere Ring of Fire CDX CGC
(WTCH Ch. Gold Nugget's Contender CD HOF X  Ebbtide Sebring)

If Tears Could Build A Stairway
And Memories A Lane,
I'd Walk Right Up To Heaven
And Bring You Home Again.
I love you always, Mom
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