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What you need to know to work from home...  
There are more and more people every day deciding that they want to stay at home & start their own business.
For many it becomes the most rewarding decision they have ever made while for others it becomes a nightmare.
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If you have found your way to this site it probably means that you have an interest in work at home opportunities.
In my 14 years of being an at home mom I have tried a few different opportunities that have been presented to me. Chances are, you have tried more than one yourself and are coming to realize that most of them out there are not what they promise. I have done some research of my own, and this is what I have discovered. I hope it can help save you time and money as well as a lot of aggravation.
You need to look into the opportunity closely to find out if it is real, honest and if it does actually pay its affiliates.
Use your common sense. Don't fall for the hype. Learn as much as possible before investing in them. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.
Work from home statistics:
-Most small business owners work less than 40 hrs a week?
-The average income for the out of home employed is $26,000 per year, while the average home business income is over $50,000.                                                
-Home-Based Businesses are eligible for many tax deductions that an average employee or small business owner does not qualify for?                                         
-People who are working from their homes are 20% more productive than people who work outside the home.
-People who work from home for employers work an average of approximately 11 hours a day.That's longer hours than most jobs. In a work at home business, you are the boss & you can decide your own hours. You are paid for the effort you put into it and the success of those efforts. If your business is a success you could eventually be paid whether or not you work.
-People who work at home have better health because they do not feel the same stress levels that are found in most occupations in this day and age.                                         
-Some businesses start out with no profits for the first few years while others start out with a very nice profit. This is usually determined by the type of business you choose and the effort you put into it.         
-If you have a home based business you will have to provide your own medical coverage and insurance, where if you work outside the home it may or may not be provided by your employer.       
-A legitimate at home business will have some sort of investment. It is your responsibility to understand what those costs are. You need to be careful about the ones you choose.
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