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1. Chapping of the sensitive skin of the posterior pasterns, regardless of coat color, is commonly referred to as what?
A. Dew Poisoning
      B. Scratches
      C. Photosensitivity
      D. Sarcoptic Mange

2.  Formulation of proud flesh usually occurs with
A. Castration
      B. Paturition
      C. Leg Wounds
      D. Head Trauma and Lacerations

3. What are the five basic coat colors of the horse?
     A.  White, black, chestnut, pinto, sorrel
     B. Bay, Black, Chestnut, Brown, White
     C. Pinto, Spotted, Sorrel, Black, Palomino
     D. Gray, Black, Sorrel, Buckskin, Piebald

4.  What nutrient is essential to the horse's survival?

     A. Salt
     B. Vitamins
     C. Carbohydrates
     D. Water
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