Minute Man   How do you "GUARANTEE your FREEDOMS"?

Activism is what makes Elections, Law, and Politics work for Freedom. Activism is a Citizens responsibility. Freedom comes at a price so we all must learn about American History, the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights to preserve our Freedoms.

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 guar-an-tee ( gar'an te' ) Date: 1710   Noun
1.    An assurance for the fulfillment of a condition: as a : an agreement by which one person undertakes to secure another in the  possession or enjoyment of something b : an assurance of the quality of or of the length of use to be expected from a for sale   often with a promise of reimbursement.
guar-an-tee ( gar'an te' ) Date: 1791   Verb
1 : to undertake to answer for the debt, default, or miscarriage of
2 : to engage for the existence, permanence, or nature of : undertake to do or secure < guarantee the winning >
3 : to give security to
4 : to assert confidently

       That's a trick question ! YOU CAN'T GUARANTEE ANYTHING  FOR SURE. The truth is most guarantees are just money back promises. If you give up your rights for some social experiment I'll guarantee you'll never get them back. The trick is, like anything else worth having the way YOU want, it must be constantly cared for. Like your garden, it must be weeded. When a shingle comes loose, the roof needs mending. The forces of nature will move in and change your garden to forest and turn your house to moss. It is natural for turnover to occur. When chaos and corruption rise out of complacency then the stability of tyranny and order seem right. When tyranny gets too oppressive then revolts and revolutions spring forth. It is the corruption caused by well intentioned restrictions on free enterprise, and cultural changes that allow those in power to move us towards a dictatorship and protected it with a police state. You can not guarantee your freedoms by outlawing another's. With every law you pass in an attempt to keep the world the way you think it should be, the closer you move towards a type of government the American Revolution stood against.
Think for yourself. Is it the activity that (supposedly free) people engage in causing the harm to society or your attempts to prevent it. The fact it has been deemed illegal, and the police escalates a "political law" into a state of war already determines
who the aggressor is. The aggressor is always the one causing the most harm. Whether they win or lose is not important in the amount of harm caused. If no aggression was initiated then no harm would follow.  Disapproving of a lifestyle is one thing,  but when you use your political powers ( i.e. laws ) to win your arguments, then you must be having trouble selling your point of view, based on intelligence or logic. A day may come when  your way of life become illegal if laws are based on other predigests.
Sounds like the start of "Majority Rule" politics to me. The law forces those minority activities underground where crime and corruption breed. An underground economy is the source of all political corruption. It was created when natural criminals ( those committing crimes against basic, common sense, natural laws, that you don't need a lawyer to know its wrong ) to help each other distribute goods and services.  It reached maturity with the invention of weapons of true mass destruction. Before these weapons were available, good men could stand up against tyranny one on one. There was no need to hide for what you believed in when you had access to the same firepower as your government. Going underground was not an option for an honorable man, but not anymore. The power governments hold now was unimaginable to an 18th century man. This absolute power has corrupted absolutely.
        Governments no longer fear or respect the people. There is no longer any doubt if our government would use this massive firepower against is own citizens. After WACO and RUBY RIDGE there is no hope, of ever standing together openly in the face of such power. Small arms would be of little value in a frontal attack but the Government still fears the possibility of a million man sniper force. They say we must yield our self respect and disarm ourselves. Soon even more good people will be forced to the underground to protect their right to bear arms. New unlikely allies might form with formally opposed groups when they find themselves on the same side of the law. A new respect and understanding will be gained for those who have been on the front lines for so long for their fight for the "Right to Party". They will fall victims to both criminal and law enforcement alike. This is where a corrupt police state plays cat and mouse with it's newly demoralized customers. They arrest and execute those who don't cooperate, using them for "PR", "Sound Bites", and "Promotions", allowing others to operate as puppet underground despots to insure a steady untraceable cash flow. You'll have to pay the police not to arrest you, and you have to pay the corrupt vendors their premium on products and services because there illegal and you can't get it anywhere else. Prices are not controlled by the free market but by the criminals, corrupt politicians and police. Let's not forget the price you'll have on your head.  If you throw in a few con artists, drug cartels, prostitutes and youth gangs, you get a pretty good picture of why otherwise decent people get forced into real criminal activities to support their way of life. After all  they are already criminals for doing things your society has deemed unlawful.
        It is a self fulfilling society. The repressive laws you make forces people underground where you need more police to control them. The police in turn, are ultimately corrupted by the wealth power the underground provides by the control they have over people these laws are meant to eliminate. But instead of reducing the criminal population, a police state uses these laws to help cultivated it for their own private cash flow. Whenever you make another repressive law aimed at some self assessed social problem you are creating another group of social criminals that the police can rotate between ever increasingly larger prisons and parole. Look at what happened in the Soviet Union. They had so many laws against everything that soon everyone had to deal with the underground economy. Their "Black Market" became larger than the mainstream economy and corruption and payoffs were the norm. They weren't taken down by some democratic high ideal but by their own human nature. Like "Prohibition" did in our country,  these kind of laws reward the immoral and corrupt the moral.
      The answer to this trick question is that you should not make laws to try and define and defend your lifestyle as the only acceptable one in a society. Let our Constitution be your guide. You can only lead by example and find believers who come the the same conclusions by themselves and are not influenced by the propaganda. It's not your job to save someone from themselves. If you are the one having trouble staying focused on your way of life and have to stop anyone that doing something different first, then you must not really believe in what you're doing. No one will ever know what you believe in so that they might understand and respect your ways. All they will know is you didn't believe in letting anyone else have their own beliefs.  If what others are doing is so important to you, why should anyone believe your way is any more important?
                                 Here's a few simple equations to live by.

                                                   NATURAL LAWS = GOOD FOR EVERYONE
                                        GOOD FOR EVERYONE = SELF CONTROL
                                                     SELF CONTROL = LESS GOVERNMENT
                                             LESS GOVERNMENT = LESS LAWS
                                                             LESS LAWS = MORE FREEDOM
                                                   MORE FREEDOM = NO UNDERGROUND ECONOMY
                                           ARMED POPULATION = THREAT OF DEADLY DEFENSE
                                                GREATER RESPECT = LESS VICTIMS
                                                         LESS VICTIMS = LESS NEED FOR POLICE
                                       LESS NEED FOR POLICE = BETTER SOCIETY
                                                        SOCIAL LAWS = UNDERGROUND ECONOMY
                                    POLITICAL CORRUPTION = NEED FOR POLICE STATE
                                                        POLICE STATE = NEED TO CONFISCATE WEAPONS
                                   CONFISCATED WEAPONS =  UNARMED POPULATION
                                     UNARMED POPULATION = NO THREAT OF DEADLY DEFENSE
                                  NO FEAR OF POPULATION = ABSOLUTE POWER
                                                ABSOLUTE POWER = CORRUPTS ABSOLUTELY
                                     ABSOLUTE CORRUPTION = LESS RESPECT
                                                        LESS RESPECT = MORE VICTIMS
                                                      MORE VICTIMS = NEED FOR MORE POLICE
                                                        MORE POLICE = NEED FOR MORE VICTIMS
                                                         YOU CAN SEE = WHICH WAY THIS IS HEADED

       Be "READY to DEFEND" and "REMEMBER to VOTE"  
To be READY is to know and convince with good argument the ideals of our Constitution.
The first line of defense should be your vote !
  Just remember they had to resort to revolution because they had no vote.
"TAXATION WITHOUT REPRESENTATION" was their rallying call to arms but we have no excuse today for calling up arms before you try gathering voters. Like minutemen for the next millennium, our "shot heard round the world" would be a well placed VOTE !!!. The "VOTING BOOTH" has become the "CONCORD BRIDGE" of  TODAY !  As much as I like shooting sports, loading bullets, polishing my collection, I know that one vote is worth a thousand hand loads. If all of you out there doubts this and still think that shooting more bullets at targets on weekends and complaining to your buddy's about all the GUN LAWS then we've lost the war. Last election I convinced 10 other ( like minded ) people to vote that otherwise would have stayed home. Unfortunately it didn't change the outcome, but it was just one battle, and I felt good about doing a little more. We need the artillery not the small arms to win this war. Artillery would be the massive vote of  gun owners volleyed in a single round.
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