Childbirth Education:
Why Should Women and their Partner's Take Childbirth Classes?
Childbirth is hard work.   It's been compared to running a marathon- would you run a marathon without training your body and mentally preparing for the challenge?

Childbirth classes are a woman's way to train for the upcoming event.  In class she should learn tips for a healthy pregnancy, be shown exercises that will physically prepare her for the event, teach her how her body works during labor and birth, and show her techniques to ease the discomforts of labor. 

Classes should address her partner, and help her partner understand what she will be experiencing and how to help her through the process. 


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Are All Classes the Same?
No.  There is a distinct difference between prepared childbirth classes and natural childbirth classes. 

Natural Childbirth classes teach women how their bodies work, and how to work with their bodies.  The classes encourage women and their partners to become informed consumers, and to take responsibility for their birthing experience.   
Questions To Ask When Choosing a Childbirth Class:
1.  Is there a class available that fits my due date? Is it offered during a convenient day and time, and in a convenient location?

2.  Does the teacher have specialized training in childbirth education?

3.  Is the teacher certified by a national organization?

4.  Do most of the students have unmedicated births?

5.  Will the coach learn how to avoid unnecessary pain and be shown positions and techniques that will help the woman labor more efficiently?

6.  Is the class size kept small?

7.  Will labor techniques be taught/practiced in every class?
What The Bradley Method of Natural Childbirth classes offer:
1.  Bradley instructors have undergone intensive training in natural childbirth methods, and are required to re-affiliate each year.

2.  Most Bradley instructors have had a natural childbirth themselves.

3.  Over 86% of couples who've taken The Bradley Method classes have gone on to have a spontaneous, unmedicated birth.

4.  Class sizes are kept small, with an average class size of 4-6 couples, and are often held in the comfort of the instructor's home.

5.  Each class includes weekly practice of relaxation techniques and labor rehearsals.

6.  In order to provide couples with a comprehensive education, The Bradley Method classes run 12 week.  This way you have plenty of time to learn, practice, and get plenty of support to help you have a natural birth.
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